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Industry experts unpack one of their favourite formats by answering one simple question: What’s the magic that made it special?

Each week they deconstruct popular and lesser-known formats from the worlds of TV, radio, podcasts, online, video, games, newspapers, magazines, and more.

I’m fascinated by the hidden magic in formats that make audiences keep coming back. I wanted to learn more but couldn’t find anyone writing about it. So I started this.

Why are we obsessed with formats?

At Storythings we believe formats are powerful storytelling tools for three reasons:

  1. They give structure to your stories.

  1. They help audiences manage their attention by signaling to them what to expect before they click.

  2. They are iterative and repeatable.

If you work in TV or Radio you know this. But a lot of the clients we work with think in terms of one-off campaigns. Format Thinking is a missed opportunity that we want to encourage.  

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Industry experts unpack one of their favourite content formats.


Director at Storythings